Ty's Story of A Virtual Threesome
Alexis Fan Fucking Session #1

Hi People. This is Ty again. I wanted to share my experience with you in regard to our most recent sexual escapade. It is going to be a long one, so get comfortable!

Alexis travels the country for our regular business. As such she is often in cities stressed out and trapped in a hotel room. Ever the understanding spouse I suggested she look up some hot young guys in her travel cities and fuck them for fun. Yes, it is my idea. No shooting for the site, just get laid. The only requirement that I had was she had to take a lot of pictures for my enjoyment during the event and, get this, involve me virtually as part of the threesome.

This scenario has always been a major fantasy of mine and I was hoping she would agree to play this game for me. Of course, as a woman who always wants sex, she was all over it and began shopping for dicks in the next city she was going to. She had a trip upcoming for New York. We sat down together and wrote an ad. Married MILF/Cougar looking for regular cocks to satisfy her in cities she travels for business and then the clincher, Husband not present.

The ad made it clear she is what is known in the swinging world as a Unicorn, a truly hot sexy woman who meets men, couples and other women alone. We also put clearly in the ad that Alexis would be taking ongoing pics of any meeting for my personal fun and enjoyment and if that was a problem, do not respond. After writing the ad we selected some pics of her to post. I always select the more MILF/Cougar type, she chooses the sexier, glamour type. We settled on a combination and put the ad up to see what it would bring in. After only one day there were over 175 responses in the inbox. I guess we had the correct pictures up. The problem is a lot of the people do notread the ad and just send a reply anyway, even though they do not match your criteria at all. After weeding through the obvious NO WAYS, we were down to about 50. A second, thorough, lengthy pass got us down to the Top 10. She sent an email to each of the Top 10 requiring they take a current photo of themselves with a piece of paper that said Hi Alexis and the date. The reason for this obviously is a lot of people on swinger sites either put up old pics of themselves or even pics of someone else. Plus she wants to see the dick photo they have is connected to the face photo they have. Nothing would be worse then pulling out a 5 inch cock when she is expecting a 9 inch one.

Well of the Top 10 every single one did the pic assignment correctly. Out of the Top 10 we were both supposed to select our Top 2 and compare. I picked as my #1 choice an aggressive business man with a fat cock, ripped body who talked about how he wanted to face fuck Alexis. This is one of her favorite things so I was anxious to see that. And he seemed a little on the perv side, just like me. Plus, he was into video taping as well and that would be even better than pictures! I had a tie for my second choice, both were Black Guys with HUGE cocks. One a business man and one a blue collar guy. I was hoping she would invite them both over at the same time actually. Hey, a guy can wish. She stuck with only 2 picks. Her first choice was a tall Hispanic dude with a fat dick and super tight bod. Her other choice was a trendy Russian guy who had a cool vibe and look about him. He was smiling in his pics all the time so we nicknamed him the smiley guy. Of course my advice was to fuck all 5 of them, but she did not have the time for that unfortunately. Maybe next time!

She decided to have a vid chat with the smiley guy and that turned out well. Alexis LOVES to talk dirty and, sick fuck that I am, I enjoy reading the chats after. OK, maybe I wack it too, but do not tell. Alexis gave her private number to my #1 choice and both her choices. Somehow my other 2 pics did not make it. Oh, well. She started to exchange texts with the men and spoke with my #1 on the phone. Oh, in addition to the chats, the texts are super hot. Alexis likes to provoke nasty replies so she sends texts to her male targets telling them what she will do to them and in turn, what she wants them to do to her. I want you to pull up my dress and fuck me in public is one she sent to her #2 choice. I want you to fuck my face is another. And of course when she shares these with me, I get off just as much as the guy! After all, it is my wife doing the dirty talking. And these dudes have NO IDEA what trouble they are getting into with my wife!

We left the selection process with no clear cut #1 choice as she left for her trip. I did not know who she would call, if anyone, during her stay. I was rooting hard for my #1 so I could see video. But regardless of who she chose, I would be part of it in a big way. She gets to NY and the first day comes and goes. Nothing dirty happening, no nasty texts, chats or pics. Oh well. I was not optimistic about anything fun occurring for me.

The second night of her stay she had a particularly rough day at work and a bottle of champagne did not provide relief, so while we were talking on the phone she asked if she could do a booty call for one of the guys she had set up. Abso-Fucking-Lutely was my reply. Are you kidding me? Hook that shit up! I know my heart rate doubled in a minute. Which one would she pick? Based on what I have written so far, who would you pick? She sent a text to the guy right then. Within about a minute I heard the sound of an incoming text and the guy had responded already that he could come over. Who the fuck was it? And the selection is, the trendy Russian dude wins the sweepstakes. Damn, my 3 choices did not make it.

Alexis asked if he wanted to meet for a drink first and he said no, it would be much hotter just to open the door and get at it. She agreed, it was getting late, she had to work the next day and that would be pretty hot. She sent him the hotel address and room number and he was on the way. Needless to say my heart was thumping in excitement. Alexis has had her share of cock over time, but this was something different. I was home in Florida and she was in New York in a hotel about to fuck a young stud she has never met. We hung up so she could get ready and the virtual threesome began.

The deal we made with each other is that she would involve me by sending frequent texts and pics as the event unfolded. For example, in a regular threesome, she would suck the other guys cock then move to mine. She would fuck him, then fuck me, etc. In our virtual threesome, since I was not there to get my dick sucked or fuck, I would be satisfied by her electronically.

Now I was not quite sure what to do as I was thousands of miles away. Did I need to shower? Turn on some music? Light some candles? Cologne? Should I shave my balls? I could not sit down and watch a movie or ball game, so I was in a quandary. What I ended up doing was turning on some alternative music and sitting at my desk waiting for my part of the show to begin. And trying, without success, to slow my heart rate.

Pussy soaked, clit throbbing, was my first text received. Wow, this is going to be great I was thinking. My first pic came next, it was a self pic of her in a sexy, tight white mini dress that she could definitely not wear out in public, but was an excellent slutty cougar dress that showed off my wife and her amazing curves.

Slutty Enough? was her text with it. I tried to answer but I kept fucking up the text trying to type. Yes, I has become retarded.

He will be here in 5, was the next. Now I was profusely sweating.

Here was the next one. OMG, I think I need to lie down I am so excited. I had all these mental images in my head about her in her sexy dress, soaking wet pussy, opening the door to this hard body, big cock stranger.

In shower, saw his cock, HUGE! Now I did go lie down. Alexis LOVES big cocks. And I knew that she shopped for younger dudes. This guy, named Victor, was a 24 year old Russian dude with a 9 inch long and fat cock and a ripped bod. But you never really know until you see someone so I was happy to read he was indeed hung like she needs.

This was SO FUCKING COOL. Put yourself in my position. Waiting at home and wanting to see and hear more of whats happening. Incredible! I have done a LOT of stuff in my life, but boys and girls, this is the most excited I can remember being.

I knew the texts would slow a bit after they started going at it, and it was difficult waiting for the next one to come, but it was a doozie. It was pic from her iphone of her sucking on this HUGE Cock with a wonderful look of pleasure on her face, looking straight into the camera lense at me. No words attached, just the pic. Damn sister!! Alexis LOVES to suck cock. In fact, I have always said she NEEDS to. So I feel we are all helping her out by feeding her cock to suck. Who is with me?

As I was alone in the house waiting, I could picture her in my mind sucking his cock, him fucking her face, her gagging as he stuffs it all down her throat like she enjoys so much. She loves to have a big cock smacked on her face, so I wondered if she was having him do it to her. His cock was so big though, hope he doesnt do it too hard! I was getting a bit impatient until the next one came through but it was a classic.

Asked if I had larger condoms. Now what better words could a Sexy Cougar hear than those? I know she had some regular condoms with her, but you know the old saying, if you aint a Magnum, you cant have none. With this text I knew they were about to fuck and I had to get up and move around. I was pacing the floor like a man possessed. The cat kept getting tangled in my legs as I walked all over the house like crazy, holding my phone waiting for the next message. It seemed like an eternity waiting and I knew this massive piece of young Russian meat had entered my wifes pussy and he was pounding her hole while I was not there.

Ahhhh, but I was there. This escapade people, is for both our pleasure, and I was getting off too. Not as much as her mind you, but still enjoying every second nonetheless. I was wondering what positions they were in. Was he fucking her balls deeps like she likes? Long hard strokes. All the way in. All the way out. Was he talking dirty? Was she?

It wasnt like I could sit down and watch something now was it? Alexis goes at it for HOURS, so this was not going to be a short night. Read? I dont think so. Drive? Hell no I would wreck. Call my parents? Oh, that would be weird. Should I take my clothes off? WTF do I do? Move cat!

Then my wait was over. It had only been a few minutes but seemed like hours, then another pic. No words, just a pic of this strangers huge cock entering her beautiful, pink pussy as she laid on her back, holding her lips apart for me, wedding ring gleaming. (She likes to fuck guys with her wedding ring on) Only the head was in, and the shaft was fully exposed, ready to penetrate. What a site. Long and fat, her favorite. My head was fucking spinning, mouth mouth was dry, my cock was hard and I am going nuts!

This night is like the wildest roller coaster ride in the history of the world. My wife is a nasty bad girl and I love her for entertaining me like this! Well since this pic came my decision about what to do with myself was made. I grabbed a tissue and dropped trow. If I am going to be in a threesome like this I need to get some relief. Immediately thereafter another pic of him, balls deep. Now I knew she was getting it right! Deep fucking.

Alexis and I had spoken many times about how cool it would be for her to be fucking somebody and then call me so I could listen. Just put the phone down and have me enjoy the sounds. Perhaps a little narration from Alexis for me. If the dude was mouthy, he could pick up the phone and tell me what he was doing to my wife. I was hoping this would be that night!!!

Another cool thing we talked often about would be for me to get a text from a number I didnt recognize. When I would open it, it would be a picture of my wife with the cock of a stranger in her mouth. Or perhaps a pic of her unmistakably neon pink pussy. Would this happen tonight??

NOTE: Yes, I am a sick fuck. But I do know what I like and enjoy. Fortunately, my spouse is also very ill, and loves to play our games to make one another happy. You will not find a couple who loves to please each other as we do.

I was squeezing my phone so hard while waiting and pacing I was afraid I was going to break it. I made sure I had home phones placed strategically over the house in case she called that number for me to listen. For those of you old enough to understand, I also had reading glasses in my pocket, on my head, around my neck and in each room so I could see the texts as they came in immediately.

You may ask what Victor thought of her communicating with me while this was going on. She made clear to her dick recruits in advance that in exchange for me giving her the OK to fuck, shed be taking pics for me and keeping me up to date on what was going on. That was part of the deal. If the guy was not comfortable with me being involved that way, they did not get the chance to fuck my beautiful wife. No one in their right mind would balk at the chance.

Another long wait, I assumed position changes. Alexis like to ride on top of guys. But she makes them all cum that way so I ruled that out. I guessed doggie, then, the next pics, two in a row. Both doggie. Nice. I wanted to see a big red hand print on her ass where he smacked her, but didnt see one. Usually she tells guys to smack her ass. Her ass looked FANTASTIC in the pic and her pussy lips gripped his fat dick. Her lips hold onto a cock when its in her.

At this point, I was done. I let it go all over the place and had to get more tissues. Quite a mess.

After cleaning up, there was another long wait, and I knew he was giving it to her good. I am sure the entire hotel knew what was going on. On break, can I Ass Fuck? was the next text. Well what a whore? My wife wants to do anal with this guy. Hmmm, I text back No, next time. She replies back with, Awww, please, I did not answer. I knew she would not.

Now we are about 90 minutes into this event. I have finished awhile ago and am working on round two. My woman is something special and this is one of the most exciting things we have ever done together. I know she is fucking this dude for her pleasure but I also know she is constantly thinking of me too and working just as hard on getting me off as much (if not more) than him and just like I was in the room. How lucky am I?

It was a good 20 minutes until the next text. I thought I was going to crawl out of my skin in anticipation of the next communication. I figured she had made him cum by now. I was thinking Kudos to Victor for lasting this long. Good choice in the Dick shopping department by my Alexis.

I could barely breath when I got the the text, which said, no cum shot pic. What? Well that cant be. Impossible. I was pissed! The major part of our deal was that we would have LOTS of pictures of the cum shot for me. She KNOWS how I feel about cum shot pics!!! Drippy, gobby cum. The Money Shot. The Good Part. So I text back WTF???

Any anger immediately dissipated with her prompt reply, Ate it all, sorry. Well, I absolutely love it when my wife eats another mans cum. In fact most often guys will cum in her mouth, she will spit it out for me to see, then lick it all up again and eat it. She also does cum swap with other women, where the guy comes in ones mouth, then the girls will swap it back and forth until Alexis eats it. So when I heard my slutty wife had eaten his load of cum, well, all is forgiven.

Now I imagined her cleaning his cock off, she likes to get every drop. If a glob drops on the bed or floor, she will get on her knees and lick it up. Now for the record, she eats cum whether there is a camera there or not. In fact in one of her shoots, the guy had cum on her tits and they cut the camera off. She said she was not going to waste the cum, then ate the load off her tits while the crew watched in amazement about how she actually enjoyed it. Thats my girl!

Plus, she is so damn sexy when she looks into a guys eyes when she eats all his load. Man, here I go again, round 2 done for me. Wacka Wacka. I think I should like down again. I do not need so many tissues this time.

I decided to send a text. Did u cum too, I sent. YES, squirted all over his cock . Excellent! That made me happy that she got to cum too. When she has a big one like that she squirts. I could not wait to hear about how it happened. Cleaning up, was the last text of the evening. Seems we were both doing the same thing miles away.

I laid down again, heart still thumping 2.5 hours into the night. I am not sure at my age my heart rate should be that high for that long. Imagine what the what I would have to tell the paramdics. I laid down to try and slow my breathing and waited for her call. Phone rings, its my wife. I have been a bad girl, she said, with a proud voice she knows I love. Of course you were, I replied.

Then Alexis and I, alone, proceed to go over what we call our personal Dirty Details for over an hour. Dirty Details are without a doubt my favorite! She is so good about remembering and telling me all the nasty stuff that went on.

She told me about how he was fucking her at the end in the missionary position on the edge of the bed and was rubbing her swollen clit when she came. Squirting all over his big fat cock. After she stopped pulsating for her orgasm he then asked her, where do you want it, as he pulled out, in my mouth, she replied, and then he shot streams of hot, sticky white cum directly into her mouth and down her throat. Cum slut that she is, she ate it all while looking in his eyes, just like I had imagined she would. If my cock wasnt already raw I would have rubbed another one out listening to her describe what a slut she was.

BTW, there is an update on her site that features her telling me Dirty Details and how she fucked and sucked guys at one of her shoots while I jerk off and pop loads of cum on her. Check it out.

She uploaded the rest of the pics they had taken during their fuck fest to the server so I could see them. I downloaded them and we went over each one as she described what was happening. Alexis has taken thousands and thousands of pics, but for some reason, those 50 pics from our first virtual threesome are the most special we have to me.

When we got back home the next night we fucked like crazy, talking all the while about her slutty Cougar adventure, ahhh, the Dirty Details. Telling me as I fucked her how his cock felt in her pussy, what his cum tasted like, how she could not wait to feel him balls deep in her ass. Her pussy was soaked. We were both ended up covered in sweat and cum, exhausted. The sweaty Dirty Details sex between us is the culmination of all our efforts together.

The best part of our sex game is that Alexis shares everything that happens with me down to the very last detail. She always sends me copies of the chats and shows me the dirty text exchanges on a regular basis. We listen to the voice mails, watch the vid clips and critique the dick pics and replies, together. We call it Dick Shopping.

During the event you just read how she keeps me involved as part of the Virtual Threesome. Does this cramp her style you may ask? Well lets say they fucked 2.5 hours. The total time she spent sending me all the text and pics your read about may have been, at the most 5-10 minutes. Taking a few minutes of the night to include me long distance is a bargain and very gracious of me, wouldnt you say? What do you think? Besides, I think her iphone is surgically connected to her hand anyway, so its right there with her! LMAO!!!

And what if the guy has a problem with it? Then he doesnt make the cut and hes out. She is very clear about expectations. It is not his game, it is ours. There will be a never ending supply of hot, hung volunteers waiting to step up.

I told her to let Victor know I said he can fuck her ass next trip. But she owes me a lot more pics and especially a lot of nasty cum shot pics. Alexis can not be so greedy this time and eat all the cum! Plus, I hope my top 3 choices get a call next time too. Then I can see some video!

I do have some questions for you people:

1. What would you have done in my place while alone at home? Watch TV? Paint a room?
2. Do you think if was hot to have her communicate with me while getting fucked? Or would you be able to wait until the end to hear about things?
3. Any suggestions for making this type of event even better?

I have to say this was perhaps THE and definitely one of the hottest and most unusual sexual events in my life. Unlife any other threesome. Thanks to my wife, I got off big time then, Im still getting off now, and I know she did and is too.

Well, taking a look at her schedule shows me she goes away on her next trip in 3 weeks. I cant wait! Her favorite saying is, The more I get, the more I want. So well see if that is true.

Let the Dick Shopping Begin!

NOTE: In addition to the Behind the Scenes Footage of me feeding her cum hearing Dirty Details, we have an ongoing photo set called: Cocks and Cum, which will feature guys she is fucked for fun (FFF we call it) their cocks and some cum shots too. Non porn guys, no faces. These are Dudes from swinger sites. She shops for most of her dicks at Adult Friend Finder.

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